• James Wayne

Sports and Exercise Coaching Instructions

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

"These instructions can apply to any sport."

Go over the play in your head or just imagine yourself doing your athletic move to conquer your opponents:

1. Whatever sport that you decide to play, before each game practice in your head in full details and exactly how the play will develop and imagine the athletic moves you are going to use to throw off your opponents.

2. If 30 points in a basketball game is what you want, rehearse the shots going in and the exact crossover moves and routes you will run that you will do to give yourself enough space to score.

3. Rehearse in your mind celebrating with the team with a outstanding victory.


Picture the amount of reps and sets that you want to do:

1. If your goal is 20 push ups in a set then as you are doing them keep that number burned in your head.

2. When you do this you will remain focused and hypnotized to the number 20.

3. Count to 20 in your head as you inhale and exhale.

I have used these techniques and they work every time, my confidence is always through the roof when I perform these exercises, when you can imagine the outcome or picture yourself scoring a touch down, then you have no choice but to feel confident if you can see it before it happens.

-Steer towards greatness

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