• James Wayne

Career and Job Visualization Coaching Instructions

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Sales Job Example:

Creating the scenery in your head before it happens, this technique will cause you to perform at your best:

1. Practice your sales game plan in your mind of what you are going to say, then rehearse the customers response after your sales pitch.

2. Picture the customer saying no, then say a clever response already prepared when the customer says no to your offer.

3. Say the counter response and then picture them buying your sales pitch, shaking hands, and closing the deal.

Job interview visualization techniques:

Write down your questions:

1. Have all of the questions that you are going to ask already prepared and written down. Look at the paper and practice in your mind asking those questions.

2. Go over the difficult questions in your head that they might ask you then rehearse those responses in your head.

3. Rehearse for a job interview like how actors would rehearse for a movie.

Before you perform at any task use your imagination and play out the scenario in your head so that you can gain the confidence and boost your performance level.

-Steer towards greatness

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